year end wisdom

At the end of each year I make a list of goals and intentions, primarily for my artwork. This year I also made another list, in Notes on my phone. This bonus list contained all the things I NEED to do in the new year, or if not then, when? It was a list of mostly digital items I have paid for but not utilized. The Yoga in the Chair for Aging Bodies class, the Sketchbook Skool class, the Craftsy class on perspective, 73 books on the Kindle, daily stair climbing, getting back to the agility exercises on Wii Fit, stuff like that. I felt quite pleased with myself that I recalled all these items to complete my list and then emailed it to myself. When it arrived in my inbox the pleasure of that memory had subsided and instead the list arrived with feelings of guilt & dread! Until I was reminded by my most beloved sage of wisdom, that perhaps making the list was all that needed to happen with it!

Wow, now isn’t that a concept! As I age and immerse myself in the wisdom of elder women, more and more I see that worry is a waste of time and guilt a waste of energy. What might have seemed really important to me at one time, no longer is. What might have seemed like something I should learn is really not something that is going to enhance my life, if I have to force myself to do it. Why clutter my days with stuff I really don’t want to do?

People often tell me what a prolific artist I am. My answer has always been that I love what I do. Granted I have slowed down in the past few years. In 2018 I made 7 pieces of art. In 2017 I made 10. In 2009 I made 29; of which many were small pieces. That being the year I finished the Tall Girl Series, likely opened the door to extreme creativity by unleashing repressed memory.

oooh that color!

It figures that this clarity comes on the heels of slogging through a bed quilt! All of 2018 I’ve thought about how I really should sew a replacement queen quilt for our bed. Now that the current one is falling apart, I finally decided December would be the time to do this. I cut out most of the pieces for the blocks and then nothing happened.

Yesterday hubs said, don’t worry, there is no rush for this bed quilt. But there is, as these blocks are clogging up my creativity, my design table, my design wall.  I am determined this will be the last I really don’t want to do this thing EVER. Or perhaps I am just being optimistic. After all, doesn’t each new year carry a dose of optimism?

So add to my 2019 list of  intentions, stop paying for stuff I really don’t want to do! It is just as easy to not want to do something for free. Instead redirect the funds and energy to support someone who is passionate about their own pursuits, like perhaps our first female president!

Happy New Year!


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  1. Judy says:

    The paragraph beginning with, “wow, what a concept” is my basis for the year. Why waste time on what does not bring me joy but is an obligation. After losing my younger sister last year, I plan to live for her this year. Keep blogging, you cut through the crap and just get to the heart.

  2. Cindy L Kelleher says:

    Nice blog to round out the year. I like your attitude!

  3. tallgirl says:

    Thanks Cindy. You know writing is all about clarity for me!

  4. Judy says:

    Comment 2: I went through most if my quilting room today with a vengeance. if I did not like and never have any intention of making a quilt from a book or magazine that was taking up valuable space (both on the shelf and in my head), it’s in the box to be donated .
    I put fabric that I do want to use along with the pattern it was bought for into plastic storage bins and I labeled those so they are ready to begin.
    I put fabric that was an instant no, in the bags to be donated.
    Still a ways to go, but per your wisdom, I choose joy in my quilting space, not dread.
    I even have room now for a couple of potted plants and some photographs of my family on shelves that were recently full of obligation.
    Can’t wait for your next blog

    • tallgirl says:

      Good for you Judy! I sort through my studio annually. It is amazing how much I have donated to charity over the years. My biggest achievement was in emptying out the ‘someday I will do something with this’ drawer a few years back. Someday is today! I have never missed that which I got rid of. That said, I am still slogging away on the replacement bed quilt!

  5. Judith D Block says:

    Happy slogging on the bed quilt, girl! Hope to see a photo soon!

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