back at it…

2018 has been hectic thus far… took a short trip, got bad news about a friend’s health, got the flu and battled that for two weeks, followed by nearly three weeks of digestive issues. Now hoping that I am on the mend, I am pondering my next creative steps.

I decided to do a no. 25 in the Defining Moments series and have that started on the design wall. This one will be a homage to my good friend, project partner and mentor Marion Coleman. We met 15 years ago and shortly thereafter she became my mentor on the Tall Girl Series. It is she who suggested we do the Defining Moments series and provided me with the inspiration and incentive to start. She is the most generous artist I know and meeting her was definitely a defining moment in my life.

I also have been giving a lot of thought to my next body of work, and started the research and development on that. In addition I have various forms of hand-work that beg my attention.

There is the knitting I have ripped out four times, likely as a means of seeing just how strong this yarn is or how much abuse it can really take.

There is the hand-stitching of the water in France, on which I initially used too large a needle and am also now considering changing yarn weight and color entirely. Oh there’s that masterpiece thinking again!

And there is the hemp yarn I bought on vacation to knit two things, a washcloth and a shopping bag. I knit a small cotton washcloth years ago and love it for the shower! You notice the skeins are still intact.

And then of course this fabulous Noro yarn I also bought on vacation, to create a very cool ladder scarf, which I discovered after I got home was crocheted and not knit. My hands don’t hurt enough from knitting that I am going to take up crochet?

I am not sure what all this says about me personally. The inner critic says I can’t settle down and do one thing at a time or that I am dissatisfied or bored. Hubs would say I have to multi-task and save nano-seconds!

The wise me thinks it is all good. All these things are stirring the creative juices. Plus it is not a competition as to how much I can do at once. And yes I am easily bored!

In other news I decided to make a weekend sprint to Anchorage this summer, to see my friend Amy Meissner’s Inheritance Project exhibit at the Anchorage Museum. This is big for two reasons. I have not been away solo for nearly a year & that I seldom go the 30 miles to the Bay Area to see art! Yet I have been so inspired by Amy’s extraordinary use of these vintage textiles to make art. After sharing time and space with her in OH last year, making this north to Alaska jaunt was a no-brainer. I look forward to this quick getaway and reuniting with her and some of the other Quiet Women from Quilt National 17.

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  1. Nancy Lemke says:

    Ooo!How wonderful to spend time with Amy Meissner. I have followed her Inheritance Project with such admiration for the work she creates with “cast-offs,” and for saving these things that to me have soul. I too collect such things, but by happenstance rather than intention. For example a person here today, after seeing my work, said she would give me her collection of children’s dresses. Wahoo!
    I’m also happy to hear your reference to the Quiet Women of QN17. I too have done some quilts to express my thoughts about social issues. Got one accepted to Guns:Loaded Conversations! Is it not our jobs as artists to make visible cultural tides?

    • Carol says:

      Thank you so much for our comment Nancy! I look forward to what you do with the dresses. As you know I am a big fan of your work, and congrats on getting into Loaded Conversations! I love this terminology…visible cultural tide, and so agree!

  2. Cindy L Kelleher says:

    Busy, busy! I am so happy you are taking that solo mini trip to Alaska, you well deserve it. I love the Water in France look, btw.

    • Carol says:

      Thank you Cindy! Yea I love the water in France look too. As you know I take a lot of images of patterns and shapes. Most often I do nothing with them but let them needle my creative mind. This one has called out for many moons to do something with it.

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