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reflections on the Seine

As I round the corner on the final lap of Defining Moments, a three year series, I seem to be experiencing a wealth of emotion!  I am so pleased with myself that I’ve nearly met this self-imposed goal of 25 large pieces in 3 years time. Realistically I know I will not meet it precisely, and likely run into January, yet I am not worried. It is not a competition! I have four pieces left to do and two require enormous prep.

Right now I am stitching the background of no. 22. The design is drafted and one of these evenings I will throw it on the overhead projector and trace it, making the template. I figure the background stitching and the template making will likely happen in the same 24 hours.

No. 23 is in my head, partially designed, partially not. No. 24 is also in my head and yes it is getting crowded in there. No. 24, while rather simplistic in design will require hours and hours of PhotoShop work. I started last week to make a sample and oy! My head hurt after a few hours, so I have decided I need to eat this elephant in bites. Ideally if I can spend two hours a day in PhotoShop designing this piece, it should be ready to print and stitch by the end of October! Then I will have two more months to make the last two pieces.

And yet…also jammed in there with all the ideas, between the how to manifest these ideas and the sense of extreme accomplishment is the what now? or the actual what then? Try as I might to stay in this moment, I am beginning to obsess about the work I hope I will make once this series is done! These thoughts actually started about 6-7 months ago, and I brushed them aside. I will think about that when I get there. Well, now the light in the tunnel is getting closer and I am beginning to fret. What if I have a long dry spell? What if? What if?

So for now, I just plod along, a third in procrastination mode, another third in get her done mode and the final third in what if? mode. I never realized until recently how much a plan and a goal inspires my creativity.

Was there ever a better time to live in the moment?


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  1. Martha Ginn says:

    I admire your dedication to a plan. . . no, first devising a plan and thinking it through and then sticking to your plan so that your art making has more sense of purpose. What a good example you set. I will take this advice to heart. Finding that I get around to posting to my blog about once a month, I have a new resolve to do better. And writing about it will make me pay more attention to what I have actually done than what I have NOT gotten done.

    • Carol says:

      Lol Martha! Actually I did a spreadsheet before starting. There were all sors of ideas about the individeual themes, current events, music, culture etc. I stuck to it initially but honestly don’t think I have looked at it in over a year! As far as blogging, ay yi yi! When I started I wrote at least weekly. Now if I get to it once a month, I am doing well. I feel it is important to do when I feel like writing, and not just do it out of obligation!

  2. debby says:

    Its good to hear someone else voice these concerns (what next?) I just finished a huge event, and I find myself doing more gardening and housework than creating in my studio.

  3. Carol Mcdowell says:

    I have no doubt that you will listen to your ” gut feelings” and follow where ever your creativity leads you. With creativite types like us, it’s not a want it’s a need.

  4. Now is always the best time to be in the moment. Easier said than done, I know. I cannot imagine that you won’t have a new flood of ideas before you complete this series. Creativity begets creativity! Just remember that and relax into the ride.

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