lack of sleep…

screen-printed letters for #20

After several weeks of contemplative staring at the wall, I am hard at work on no. 20 in this Defining Moments series. This one is about the harried years and my biggest challenge again was figuring out how to depict it. Finally I decided on a screen-printed background, with imagery & letters overlaid describing that chaotic time.

I decided two sizes of letters would be good, so I traced and cut Helvetica 2″ and Helvetica 3″ letters. Essentially the letters spell the same words that are screen-printed onto the cloth. Before I cut I calculated how many of each letter I needed because to just do it any other way would be crazy. I have been working on the letters for several days now, and also stitched the background in preparation for the layering. Yesterday I cleared off my design table to lay out the stacks of letters in alpha order to begin the actual layering of words.

How I was able to function yesterday at all is a miracle. I had just 3.5 hours of interrupted sleep the night before, for reasons I need not go into here. When I got up, nearly the first thing I did was walk into a wall, for which my right arm and right knee are painful reminders this day. As the day went on my energy returned somewhat and thus developed the letter laying plan.

Only this morning when I woke up refreshed did I realize what a huge mistake I had made in stacking this enormous pile of letters onto half of the design table. I actually needed to trim and square the already stitched background (quilt) so I know exactly how far to the edges I can lay the letters. And where would I do such a procedure? On my design table of course! The same design table that is covered with stacks of letters.

So what did I do? I did what any self-respecting efficiency expert would do. I gingerly folded the quilt in half one direction and then the other and trimmed the edges on the remaining open half of the table. And of course it was nowhere near square so I had to gingerly lay it down several times. I got it done with only 5-6 letters flying to the floor. I saved so much time and so much more sanity by not removing the letters and then re-laying them down!

Never underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep!

more letters…

8 Responses to “lack of sleep…”

  1. Cindy Kelleher says:

    I think you would create something wonderful, sleep or not! Love your blog.

  2. Ohmygosh, hope you are getting some rest now! Even so, you did better than I would have.

  3. Carol McDowell says:

    I’m dying to know what the words are. Love your series idea. I think we all know not to create when overtired but do we heed the warning. Of course not! That fabric is calling my name and watching me every time I walk by the damn wall 😉

    • Carol says:

      Carol thank you for your comment! The screened words are about the harried years, i.e., mother, driver, small biz owner, office manager, all the places I drove my kid to, piano, 4-H, swim team, school etc. Just busy-ness!

  4. Martha Ginn says:

    Glad you can depict the chaos artistically. Sleep is a beautiful gift; hope you get more.

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