new pooch…



As if I weren’t finding enough reasons of my own to avoid the studio lately, this week I came up with a new one! We just rescued a 7 yr old Jack Russell Terrier mix from the animal shelter. My daughter, the dog whisperer and ‘mother’ to two Doxie rescues was hot on the trail of another pooch for us to rescue since we lost our beloved Millie in July. We weren’t sure we were ready yet as there is something to be said for no canine responsibility. Finally I decided we should ‘just go look’ at two dogs. We never made it to the second shelter.

My big criteria this time was a smaller dog as handling an 85# dog is no longer my preference. As tall folk we have often laughed at big people walking small dogs. If I have learned nothing in this life, it is that which provokes the most judgment in me frequently comes back as my reality!

So my days right now are immersed in housebreaking, training, cuddling and walking. It really is not a bad life once one surrenders to it! Possibly the side benefit is I am already spending less time on my electronic devices and more time just chillin’ . Me on relax is a whole new social experiment! Mizu is already having a good influence on me.

As we learned with Millie, when we rescue dogs they rescue us right back.

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