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vineyard #3 and #4 - diptych

vineyard #3 and #4 – diptych

After struggles with machine stitching the third piece in the collaborative series, I knew I needed a quick and easy project to recharge my zest for free-motion stitching.  I also needed two small pieces for fall exhibits of members’ work at the Petaluma Arts Center and the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. And yet I was thinking beyond that…to showing at the Arts Guild of Sonoma and filling wall space.

Additionally I really like series work. A long time ago I touted that artists who worked in a series had no imagination or just one idea!  But I have learned better, on two fronts. One, usually when I pre-judge artistically I likely will be doing that exact thing within a short time. Remember when fusing was cheating? Well there you go!

And two I very much like working in a series. I like designing art that fits in with other work. And yet curators have told me that all my work looks like it was done by me, series or not.

So I made two more vineyard pieces. These are both fall unlike spring and fall I did previously, and they are a diptych. They may stand alone or together reflect a long line of autumn. They are each 20″ x 19″.

vineyard 3-4, detail

vineyard 3-4, detail

Now I am catching up on inventory of a few small gallery items and then onward with #4 in the Defining Moments series. Batteries recharged!

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