when enough is enough…

curved.pathWhen I am not making art, traveling, exercising, doing chores, sleeping or eating I am usually reading the few magazines that I receive which tend to stack up. I am not much of a reader, never have been, as my mind races. I acquire¬†most of my information off the internet or in snippets of articles in magazines, including art publications. And that is where today’s epiphany happened.

I have spent considerable time, effort and funds marketing my work over the years and I feel good about the results. And yet, as artists we are continually reminded how much more marketing we should be doing, how much more social media we should be engrossed in, how much the market is changing, different markets to appeal to, etc, etc, etc.

Simultaneously there are the consciousness messages about being fully present, taking no more than we need, giving back, healing ourselves, healing others, healing the planet etc, etc, etc.

When I read the latest marketing tips I often cringe because I feel I am doing enough already. Sure I could more, but how much more and for how long? I am not 30 anymore. I do not want to work 80 hr weeks promoting my art.  In spite of my work ethic I strive for more present moments.

For me, being fully present could be acceptance that I am doing enough to market my work. To engage in more social media, more time in front of the big screen is the exact opposite of de-cluttering my internal life. It really is the same old message about not being good enough but in a different dress. I am doing enough.


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  1. Succinct, wise and dead on Carol!

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