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bucolic snow farm

bucolic snow farm

I just had the great opportunity to visit the East Coast for 9 days. There were many special aspects of this trip including my first solo trip in many moons. And I had not been to CT since my folks lived there in the ’80’s.

It took me 17 hours door to door to get there and I joked that I could have gone to Paris in that time. And yet I was relaxed and flexible because really once we walk into the airport our life is no longer our own anyway.

I visited with friends in CT for the weekend, enjoyed the regional SAQA meeting, revisiting with acquaintances and making new ones, sipped lancaster limeade poolside near the beach, ate gelato, and just hung out. One of my personal highlights was also missing the big No CA earthquake as I did Loma Prieta in 1989. Two for two!

On Sunday I was graciously transported back to the airport where I picked up a shuttle to traverse to Williamsburg, MA with hordes of over-packed college bound students, headed to Smith, Mount Holyoke and Amherst.  I spent the week at the bucolic Snow Farm, headquarters of the New England Craft Program, on a Road Scholar trip, studying Metal and Jewelry Design.

pond where a bullfrog or two live

pond where a bullfrog or two live

door of the welding studio

door of the welding studio

One thing every artist knows is how important it is to study outside of their particular media. My week was dedicated to just that. And as a collector of hand-made jewelry I wanted a better understanding of the design process.

My husband was extremely worried I might jump media and become a jewelry designer, whereas I had no expectation of that.  My intention was simply to learn to solder without burning myself (fail) or my clothes (success!); avoid picking up hot annealed metal (fail), to meet other artists also studying alternative media (success!) and to just relax in a different environment (success!).

Accommodations were rustic at best, the food fabulous and well-catered to my allergies and sensitivities. How could I pass up the dessert when it was made specifically for me?! I wouldn’t want to hurt the chef’s feelings, y’know!


brass sheet metal pendant with braided copper/brass wire works collar


4 ply braided copper/brass twisted, knitted cuff and copper/brass serpentine cuff

I can now cross jewelry design off my bucket list.  It was very interesting to learn but clearly I am no threat to the professionals!

copper foil cuff, copper bangle and ring

copper foil cuff, copper bangle and ring

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  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is a delightful post. I could so relate. Years ago I took a multiply day polymer clay class and I learned a lot, but the main thing was Polymer Clay wasn’t my medium and pc artists was safe. The rest of your holiday sound absolutely fab. Glad you had a wonderful experience.

  2. debby says:

    How fun! I have looked often at the Road Scholar trips and always wondered about them. Love the idea of letting yourself try another media without the pressure of conquering it!

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