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It’s been so long that I could not share my work for Earth Stories that the exhibit opened and I forgot all about it until I read Facebook posts this morning!  Over a year ago 25 international artists were juried by portfolio into the Earth Stories exhibit at Michigan State University Museum. I was honored to have my work chosen by the juror Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi. She chose artists who she felt could best interpret the theme of environmental awareness. Once chosen we then had several months to create work to fit the theme. Additionally the work had to be linked with a non-profit which does work that benefits the planet. The exhibit opened last week and runs until November 30.

My initial proposal was about living on the Pacific Rim among shifting tectonic plates. Months of research, thought, procrastination and finally construction lead me to Torn Earth, which is two panels totaling 66″ x 72″.  It took me four months from the first dye process to the final stitch.torn-earth-M

Torn Earth celebrates the work of Architecture for Humanity,,a non-profit firm dedicated to building a more sustainable future through the power of professional design. The organization’s projects focus on post-disaster development, design and reconstruction of seismic resistant housing.

The three panels that comprise Torn Earth were created using vintage linens, African batiks, and commercial fabrics, many of which have been dye-painted and screen-printed with original imagery. Multiple panels of fabric are pieced and stitched together to form the larger work.The right panel depicts Earth’s crustal instabilities.The left panel conveys the destructive energy released during an earthquake and the vulnerability of our buildings and structures when the Earth moves. The panels are offset to create jagged edges alluding to shifting and upheaval in the planet that results in collapsed buildings and loss of life.

We were to also create a small lead piece 14″ x 12″ to summarize the larger work for venues that could not present the entire exhibit, which is the piece to the right.lead piece-M-hi res-reshoot-whiteBG

A catalog was printed and is available here. The work of my good friend Marion Coleman is on the cover…a much deserved honor!  The catalog shows the work of all the artists and truly it looks to be an incredible exhibit. I am enchanted by much of the work. It is a joy to exhibit my work with so many other creative souls. This exhibit will be traveling for four years so perhaps I will see it at one of the venues one day.




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  1. Exquisite. I love all three pieces. brava!

  2. Connie Rose says:

    Beautiful work, Carol!

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