two monkeys down…

ES_painted_bldgsIt’s now the end of August and I am still hard at work on my two large pieces for the Earth Stories exhibit.  I had a trip cancel this week so have taken this as a great opportunity to fill my unscheduled days with studio time. Today I was so successful to that end that I have high hopes that I might possibly finish construction this week.

Meanwhile two of the monkeys that have been on my back during construction of said piece were dealt with today. I out-sourced two stress-filled aspects of this project.

I asked a professional writer to craft my artist statement for this work and she replied with something like she would love to do it! Imagine that?  I love to write, as evidenced by my blog postings but this artist statement was giving me a headache.  So I have given her all the components and now wait for the magic to happen.

Then I contacted the Pixeladies about cleaning up the edges in PhotoShop after I photograph the completed work, followed by printing the image to fabric for the requisite 12″ x 14″ companion piece. I might possibly lose my mind if I were to construct such a small duplicate in that none of the edges of this work are even. So now my decision will be whether to include the background in the piece or not but I have plenty of time to fret over that!

Today’s image of this piece (that is not to be shown en todo before the exhibit premiere) is of a panel of buildings. I broke up the chaos of the neutral hue structures with paint. I am thrilled with the effect…it was just what I wanted.

One thing I can say for sure is I have pretty much enjoyed this all the way through as the design challenges have kept my creativity stimulated. Three months and two monkeys down…


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