new venue for my work…


My work was recently juried into the Arts Guild of Sonoma. This is a 30 year old artists’ cooperative  with a gallery just off the plaza in beautiful downtown and historic Sonoma, CA. I could not be more pleased to have a new venue for my work and will be showing this year in June, July, October and December.  This morning I took my work for the June exhibit over to be installed tomorrow.

I have always loved the town of Sonoma and have said that had we seen it first we would have made our home there instead of here. Mind you we love our hometown equally as well but that extra 15 miles inland brings with it more sunshine, less wind and of course higher property values!  In a previous life I worked for a doctor who had a second office in Sonoma where I occasionally worked. Then and now every trip over the rolling hills I am smitten with what a visually glorious part of the world this is.  If one can look past the cars speeding on the two lane roads and take in the hay being baled, the cows languishing in the field and the miles and miles of vineyards….just gorgeous!  So I think my four trips/month to Sonoma to take work, bring home work, work the gallery and attend the receptions will not be too difficult to manage. The trickiest part might be capturing the changing colors from the side of the road.

Meanwhile back in the studio….I am continuing to work on the altered book homage to my late parents. I am anxious to finish it as it pretty much covers my downstairs print table.  I have learned a lot about the altered book process including I will probably never do this again!  It’s never been my intention for this to be exhibit quality and that is a good thing as I continue to be educated in the limitations of gel medium.

And then there is the Earth Stories project….dominating my design wall and beckoning me to come into the studio and piece!

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