abstract landscape class…

This past weekend I took an abstract landscape class with Patty Hawkins.¬† I have long admired her work and knew I wanted to study with her.¬† While¬† it is always good to meet other artists and hear about their perspective on life and art I don’t take as many workshops as I once did as I have pretty much found my way.

Yet workshops challenge me in unexpected ways!¬† I have a fabulous studio custom made to my specs. I don’t share it with anyone or anything.¬† For me to work in a small shared space with all sorts of distractions is a challenge but one well worth it this time.

I have lousy depth perception when it comes to making art so my many attempts at horizons have often been curved…the world is round, no? So it was a great delight to consider abstract ways of constructing the landscape.

I chose this photo of Lake MacDonald in Glacier National Park for my starting inspiration. I am not going to include the fisher-person and boat as the leafy branches provide enough interest for me. 

This is a black/white/gray fabric prototype of the photo.

I have completed the forest and one of the mountains in the background using a Hundertwasser mosaic technique.  I am next creating more mountains as I am leaving the dreaded water reflection to last.  If I can conquer my reflection anxiety then I have a lifetime of fabulous images from which to work!

Because I cannot work in a totally cluttered area I spent this morning finishing up some things in progress. I finished sewing a stack of embroidered linens together to paint and made cloth storage bags for the new recently finished works. Now my¬† studio is free of that clutter and ready for me to create new clutter as I press on (pun intended) with this new work. Stay tuned…

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  1. Okay. . . now you’re making me wish I had taken then class! I’ll probably be kicking myself around the block as I witness your progress. Way to go!

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