beat the clock…

So here I am just 9 days out from surgery and playing a rapid-fire game of beat the clock. I finished updating the PowerPoint, and drafted patterns for two shirts which pared down my to-do list considerably.  Everything on the list has been what I figured I could not do well for several months.  I might just surprise myself and two weeks post-op be climbing lots of stairs, sitting at the computer endlessly and painting cloth but I sort of doubt it.

After I cross off everything on the list I am going to be so physically exhausted I will need a good nap. And what better place to  nap than in the hospital…not! Actually being this busy is a god-send as I am not obsessing at all about going under the knife one more time. I don;t have time to fret about it!

The last two days I have made multiple trips to the basement to work on painting cloth. While a layer dries I am catching up on email and mahjong solitaire. It is a good life this one!

My goal has been to paint all the cloth that was previously dyed and patiently waiting for attention. Now all the large pieces are done and tomorrow I will work on the smaller ones.  Once the week starts I am on to other things…lots of other to do’s…acupuncture, chiropractor, haircut, surgery consult, blood typing, mentor and clean the bathrooms. Could I possibly have any more fun?

3 Responses to “beat the clock…”

  1. Diana says:

    Actually, it sounds pretty wonderful! Promise you’ll post some shots of the fabric you’re working on. And I’m very interested in your shirt patterns. 🙂

  2. Connie Rose says:

    Love that painted fabric, Carol, and look forward to seeing more of it. And yes, your life sounds wonderful, albeit way too hectic for me these days. Wishing you well on your surgery!

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