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Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Defining Moments catalog cover

Finally I have finished the dreaded replacement queen bed quilt and it’s off to be stitched.

So for my next creative endeavor, I am designing the catalog for Defining Moments, the joint project of Marion Coleman and I. Our first exhibit opens in July at Visions Art Museum in San Diego, so this is top of my to-do list.

I am using the same Blurb software with which I designed the Tall Girl Series book, but alas a decade has passed, software has been upgraded and I am ten years older! So far I have managed to find answers to all my questions and watched a couple You Tube videos to remind me how to do some PhotoShop tricks. All in all, it is fun but a huge time suck. Although I should take a break every hour, I am lucky if I do every 2-3 hours.

My biggest fear is if I fall too far down the left brain rabbit hole, will I find my way back to stitching, easy enough? I guess if that fear is realized I can always clean out the basement or start looking at fixtures for the bathroom remodel which is also on the list.

I don’t know what people are talking about that I should play more! Is this not play? Let’s put it this way. I am seldom bored.


finished quilt top

finished quilt back…pesky blocks return

Artists Culture

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015
cover, Artists Culture, July 2015

cover, Artists Culture, July 2015

Some time ago one of my fellow artists at the Arts Guild of Sonoma, an “ad man” in a previous life, mentioned ‘casting a wider net’ in our business marketing. As an example he sent a link to Artist Culture an ezine with over 400,000 circulation.  I looked at the current month’s issue and decided to send in an artist submission. I gathered some images and answered a dozen questions and sent it off.

All throughout the questionnaire were suggestions that the submitting artist be thorough in their answers, as readers want to know more…where, when, why, how etc.  So I was very thorough in my responses, so much so that dinner that night was quite late. I seem to often do my best work when I would otherwise be whipping up some gourmet delight.

I had an immediate response that my work and I were accepted and that we would be in the June issue.  June came & went and no article so I checked out July and there it was!  I ordered a hard copy which arrived today.  It’s a Blurb publication, which is well done, with accurate color and clarity on the images.

The ads are a bit humorous though; an alternative for Viagra and Cialis, a steak company and a come-hither gal for a chatline that is also available in Spanish. And I love the cover because until emoji became the norm I pretty much hated the smiley face! Now I am often looking for the perfect emoji to sign texts but never choose Mr. Smiley. I think it a rather odd cover for an ezine about art and yet it makes me happy so go figure!

The other artists featured in the July edition are a woodworker, a painter and a photographer. I am overall pleased to add this hardcover/ezine to my collection. Artist Culture is produced by Steve Bryan, a commercial photographer at Cygnus Studios. He continues to look for other artists to feature in future editions, especially wood and ice sculptors, photographers and glass blowers. You can find out more by emailing the ezine.