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opportune flu timing…

Monday, February 5th, 2018

elephant seal sanctuary, Piedras Blanca, CA

Today is day 10 of my stint with the flu. Yesterday I felt totally great yet did nothing because I had been warned of relapse. And alas, today, there it was, just the same. After 10.5 hrs of sleep I could barely get out of bed. Of course by now, hubs who got the shot (as opposed to me who refuses each year because “I never get the flu”) is also ill. So between the two of us and the dog it looks like the elephant seal sanctuary around here.

Just before the flu we took a 6 day road trip down the Central Coast for a Road Scholar program on migrations. It was an interesting program, full of intelligent people, many who came in escape of the midwest and east coast winter. We learned we are not birders, as if there was any doubt before. I could not even see the silver throated cockle tweeter let alone name it and where was the brown shingled outhouse when I needed it?

At the close of 2017 I was finishing up no 24 in my three year series Defining Moments. And I was worried for a couple months before that about what next? There is nothing like a deadline to motivate a person like me. For three years I did not have to worry about what’s next? Sure it took me a bit to get started, but once I did, it was fairly smooth sailing.

I tried not to think about it, but alas it was there needling me, what’s next? what’s next? So I started to pay more attention to what it is going on around me, and in the world, what caught my attention and what didn’t, and really began to hone in on what I might introduce to my work.

Then I went on vacation, where I got some heartbreaking news from a friend, which affects my current project, then I got the flu. Then I lost interest in anything I would normally do to calm myself. I have lots of handwork I can do. I have knitting to rip out and restart. I have books I can read. I can do nothing, but fret and twist in the wind.

The truly ironic part of this whole scenario is I am not lacking for inspiration. I simply cannot contain my mind. I am bored out of my gourd lying here, unable to work. I want control of it. Isn’t that ridiculous, sick with the flu and still trying to choreograph the show? Did I learn nothing with the 27 month knee inflammation? Surrender, Dorothy!

When I was a young woman with bad menstrual cramps I envisioned the perfect comfort would be to sit in a vat of warm chocolate pudding. This may be the time to ferret that out! Or I could simply contemplate the dehydrated navel orange…ymmm!

a slice of dehydrated orange is 100 x sweeter than fresh!



the obsessive with a camera…

Monday, February 21st, 2011
central coast

We’ve just returned from a road trip. We went to Ventura, CA with no other motivation than to play tourist in our home state. Initially we had no bad weather to escape just an excuse for a change in scenery and to visit spots on our bucket list which so easily get overlooked.  This was a program through Road Scholar…we have never been disappointed!

I am one of those people who often complains about those in museums shooting every aspect of an exhibit instead of just looking at it. Cellphones with cameras have only made this problem worse. While I frequently and spontaneously will shoot a cellphone image, I chose on this trip to take a small point and shoot digital camera, thinking I would be sparing my phone battery. Ha…I created a monster!  I began with shooting the usual textures and patterns and before long I was taking multiple images of many things. I became one of those obsessed who might only experience their trip in looking back at the photos on the PC at home. Well not that bad, but close.

At the Ventura and Santa Barbara Missions a total of 37 images, mostly of weather stained resist on walls, succulents and doorways or windows…





Getty Trees

At  the Getty Museum lots and lots and lots of photos of architecture, trees, cactus and views of the LA Basin on a cloudy rainy day (huh?)

We drove down the Central Coast and so there were dozens of shots of the coastline and an incredible 67 of the birthing and mating rituals of the sea lions near San Simeon. Clearly we spent way too much time there!

sea lion maternity ward





My husband gave his first Presidential news conference (wearing his nametag in case the voting public forgot they elected him) at Reagan Library. This was taken with my late employer in mind who always said…who was on this vacation when I showed him piles of photos of textures, patterns and landscapes.
Additionally there were countless shots at the library especially of these cool windows where Air Force One lives.
window, Reagan Library


santa cruz island
And surprisingly I managed to climb to the top of Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands with the help of a cane, my husband and a myriad of colorful words. I was reminded that one man’s ‘a slight incline’ is indeed his perception based on his experience. Afterwards I was both astonished and proud that I accomplished this daunting task. And I only hurt for two days afterwards!
And for the next time when I am asked if I have any work with succulents, I have inspiration.