I have suspended teaching for the present time as I continue work on a large 3 year collaborative project. Should you feel your group absolutely must hear what I have to say, shoot me an email and we will discuss it!

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Finding Inspiration in a Glut of Visual Stimulation

Where does inspiration come from? How do you create work that is uniquely your own and not a replication of a favorite instructor’s work or an outright copy of published work? This PowerPoint presentation and trunk show highlights inspiration which has influenced my work and is found in everyday life. 

Retrospective: Fiber to Fine Art

With cloth as canvas and thread as paint my work has evolved from a quilting heritage to fine art. Using dyes, paints, original imagery and stitch I create one-of-a-kind textile art for the wall. This PowerPoint presentation and trunk show reflects on where I have been & where I am headed; and is applicable to artists of any media.

Tall Girl Series: A 'Body' of Work

When I was 17 years old and 78.5 inches long, I was surgically shortened six inches with the intention of giving me a “normal” life. More than 40 years later I created the The Tall Girl Series: A Body of Work, a 23 piece exhibit as I came to terms with the physical pain, emotional scars, and spiritual healing. This PowerPoint presentation and trunk show incorporates vignettes of my story with the images of the entire series. The trunk show contains 4-5 pieces dependent on exhibit status.

Working in a Series

A PowerPoint over-view of artists in various media who have worked in a series, and a discussion of the reasons and/or goals of working in a series.

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