Artist Statement

I work with cloth because I like the depth & texture created when it is layered and stitched. While I honor my heritage of women’s handwork and traditional quilting, I refer to my work as textile art, as it is more informative than functional.

Most of my work begins with a screen-printed background. Whether abstract patterns from my own photography or text, I pull paint through a polyester mesh film, much like silk-screening.

I take photos everywhere I go, even while walking the dog! My eye is drawn to the pattern, texture and color in everyday life. A path of oval rocks from a Japanese garden, a jute window covering, a kelp forest, even the dripping prep work of house-painting have all become screens which I have screen-printed to cloth.

Sharing personal stories further informs my work. I often will write a story, or recall a memory that I screen-print to cloth. In my current autobiographical series, Defining Moments, the background of most pieces reveals the corresponding story that has been printed to the cloth. Additionally I enjoy using vintage linens in my work, which further connect me to memories, family stories and ancestors while bringing these heirlooms into the present time.

Through the examination of social and cultural values, such as appearances, parenthood, work, women’s issues, aging and loss, I create a narrative which if successful engages the viewer to contemplate their own story. Each of us has a story and by sharing mine, others might think about their own and potentially spark a conversation. It is about building community.

My greatest reward is when others recognize themselves in my work. The challenge that continues to drive my work comes from figuring out how to best convey my message so others understand what exactly I am saying.