I am a storyteller and cloth is my medium. I layer text with paint onto the cloth and then embellish with images, clothing, ephemera and stitch relevant to each story. I often incorporate vintage linens into my work, paying homage to the makers who came before me, while also bringing these heirlooms into the current century.

Through the examination of social and cultural values, such as appearances, parenthood, work, women’s issues, aging, loss, gun violence and plastic waste, I create a narrative which encourages the viewer to contemplate their own story, or point of view. My greatest reward is when others recognize themselves in my work.

The challenge that continues to drive my work comes from figuring out how to best convey my message so others understand what I am saying; as it does seem I have a lot to say!

Please look at my latest work or read my take on life as a mixed media artist.

  • Coulda Beens
  • Keeping Up Appearances #3
  • Upheaval #7
  • Stone Path 1
  • Torn Earth
  • Defining Moments  1: Maternal Grandparents
  • Defining Moments  7: Fleeing the City
  • Defining Moments 11: Shadow Self
  • Defining Moments 18: Inner Growth
  • Defining Moments 19: Motherhood
  • Defining Moments 12: NO Means NO
  • Culture of Fear
  • Defining Moments 24: Storyteller
  • Defining Moments 25: Homage
  • Turnaround
  • Plastic Ocean 1