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18 in process

Right after my blog post about the rationalization of why I should not buy a mid-arm machine, I decided to buy one! Two things suddenly occurred to me.

One, the idea kept resurfacing¬†while I kept shoving it down, so maybe it was supposed to happen?! And two, that I could have a big machine¬†upstairs if I simply got rid of the futon sofa in the office/guest room. Seriously how often do we have guests?! Like almost never. So why was I reserving this entire wall for the almost never guest and so¬†the dog could snooze all day on¬†said sofa? Once that came to me I felt as though I had been given a tremendous gift…aka permission to break rules, as in every home must have a guest room?!

It was quite the process to prepare for the new machine. I had to get rid of the futon sofa, have new lighting put in, shop for a machine, buy a machine and get it set up. Now all that has happened and just today I finished stitching my 2nd piece on the mid-arm. I stitched the background for no. 18 in the series before designing anything on it. The next layer will be a giant oak tree which I figured would be best stitched, if the background was already done. The top layer will be hand-stitched so much work in store.

When I learned to drive at 15 my mother drove a Mercedes which in my mind was a dream machine. My entire adult life up until about 10 years ago I was obsessed with someday buying a Mercedes. What happened about ten years ago is my non-Mercedes¬†had to go into the shop for two¬†days. I was instantly aware that I never would want to drive a car that had to be taken out of town to be serviced. So at that point I decided I didn’t much care what kind of car I drove, as long as it ran, was clean, had hubcaps,¬†no dents and¬†wasn’t American made. I do have my standards after all!

Today while stitching away listening to Cajun music it struck me that this new Juki mid-arm is definitely my dream machine! It goes really fast, only needs oil, and is not American made!  Cross that one off the list!

10 Responses to “on dream machines…”

  1. Cindy Kelleher says:

    With your expertise and muse, along with good Cajun music (Clifton Chenier perhaps?) who needs a test drive..on Juki, on.

  2. Martha Ginn says:

    Loved your reasoning on why you needed the machine. And I do not use the word “needed” lightly. Having the machine of our dreams can be a neat way to reward ourselves for all that hard work and saving and making sensible decisions all our early life. I know you will enjoy it! I drive a HQ Sweet Sixteen, and it is indeed sweet. Cajun music can certainly make the whole process more enjoyable.

    • Carol says:

      Ah Martha isn;t it funny/odd how we rationalize things? Do men do that? I doubt it! I love your idea of a reward for all the sensible decisions early on. Isn’t that the truth?!

  3. I have to agree with Martha and add the fact that I think your decision to buy the Juki was a sensible one! Kudos to you.

  4. Your post resonates on many levels, Carol! Unneeded guest bed/sofa in studio; waffling over keeping mid-arm… So glad you listened to your dream. Congratulations!

  5. debby says:

    Are you talking about the Juki sit down long arm machine, or is this a different model? I do love stitching on my Juki. Every stitch is so secure.

  6. Carol says:

    Debby…yes it is basically that, only with a 6 ft table and a chair!

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