on procrastination….part tres

Been back from vacation for a week and experiencing all sorts of unfamiliar emotions. I was completely relaxed for 3-4 days.  I really got into it, did some reading and not much else except the requisite exercise. Then a bit of life anxiety began to creep back in and so I chose to tackle a project on which I had been procrastinating since November!


detail, Ziplips
Tallgirl Series: A Body of Work


Three months of procrastinaton is pretty darn good in my book. There was a small post-it stuck to the monitor to remind me to revise the PowerPoint lecture I am giving at a May conference. With that lecture¬†requiring 6¬†performances in 2 days still over two months off I figured if I did the revision now I would free up the energy being reserved for it.¬† So I¬†started in¬†and 3 hours later it was 80% done. Then I remembered a few more slides to add but alas it was time to do my gourmet best in the kitchen so I put it aside. Now for the past two days I have been attempting to get back to it with the idea that I could just wrap it up and the rest of the weekend is mine (which it is anyway!)……..but¬†that hasn’t happened.


Now I fear it is back-burnered again as I prep for my TallGirl lecture next week.¬† It is surprising how much prep is required considering it is my life story. You’d think I would know it…and I do. Mainly it is about speaking out loud to regain my voice quality. With¬†email and the internet my speaking voice¬†occasionally takes¬†a hiatus.
After that the world is my oyster. I could either finish the revisions or go harvest a pearl in the studio. I love having choices in how to spend my days.

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