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It seems to be human nature in this society obsessed with celebrity and plastic surgery to fret about aging body parts.  While I generally feel fabulous and live consciously in my broken body, every once in a while life throws me a curve where I begin to obscess about an aging part.  For some time it has been about the sagging chin. 

The shock of it came last year when after¬†five decades¬†of wearing glasses I had cataract surgery. I was instantly relieved of my specs and with great clarity could easily see the lines in my face and the gaggle that set in when my chin left.¬† I was really upset until I realized I had two choices: plastic surgery or to get over it! I chose the latter.¬† And yet the fret remained…


detail, lucy’s bag

©carol larson 2011
The other day I had the rare occasion to dust the living room where numerous family photos reside.  Being the first grandchild I was featured in four generation photographs with both my maternal and paternal elders.  As I dusted I picked up these treasures and reflected on the math. My great grandmother who looked like Mary See, the founder of the chocolate factory was just two years older then than I am now and my great-grandfather a very wizen 75. They both were old folks.
Suddenly I realized that I had stumbled across the fountain of youth right here in my living room. I have long held the belief that if one wants to feel/look young hang out with old folks!!! They think you are a kid and you feel like one too.  Never mind plastic surgery, never mind buckets of moisturizer and youth serum.  Because I have a sense of humor,  a young spirit, good genes, and have unloaded so much emotional baggage, I am blessed to look a generation younger than my elders at the same age. And in a world beleaguered with major problems this is a very important fact!
Today I ran over to the East Bay to update inventory at the gallery, have lunch with my adult daughter and visit my aged father in assisted living. As I¬† meandered¬†the¬†streets of Berkeley running¬†errands,¬†I was fully engaged in conversation with¬†my daughter,¬†watching out for the ever-present and oft-annoying bicyclists, the pedestrians who suddenly¬†appear everywhere, the traffic lights, parking spaces and dodging wacko drivers. Apparently I repeated myself asking a question she had already answered to which she¬†reminded me… Mom you already asked me that!¬† I started to feel wizen until I realized that I was doing a lot of multi-tasking for a reclusive artist my age.

This image is a detail of¬†a new¬†purse¬†which features fabric from a handwoven & faggoted linen table runner made¬†by my great aunt Lucy. She would spin in her grave to know I dyed it chartreuse and painted it purple! Get over it…

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  1. Cathy Kleeman says:

    I have a book recommendation for you: Nora Ephron's "I Feel Bad About My Neck..and other thoughts on being a woman." It's the facts of life for the 60+ woman. But she will make you laugh as you bemoan the inevitable.

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