daughter of the war bride, part tres…

I have long joked about being ‘the daughter of a war bride,’ which essentially I am. This explains why¬†for most women of my generation it is next to impossible to just throw something out without finding it a good home. This coincides with saving for a rainy day¬†which leads to today’s post.

Two friends have both taken to ‘tidying’ their homes based on the NY Times bestseller book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Ok, so I bought the book initially¬†on my Kindle but then figured this was to be a joint¬†project so I bought the hard copy. I am already struggling my way through it because (1) I don’t follow instructions well and (2) why should I read the entire book before starting the purge? ¬†My husband is terrified for other¬†reasons; the book is in the house; both friends who read the book and tidied up are now moving;¬†and¬†he may just have to let go of some of his own stuff¬†which he has been carrying around for nearly 7 decades.

So I decided, rebel that I am, to just start in today and tidy my office a bit. I was successful in that two bags went into recycling, another started for charity and another into the trash. But I also ran head-on into the daughter of the war bride. Remember her? The one who never buys just one of anything? Oy…many things come to mind but surely these are some of the best.

personalized CD labels and 100 pk of CDs

personalized CD labels and 100 pk of CDs

Mere hours before CDs went out of fashion, I ordered 100 personalized CD labels. I probably used 10 labels and then never sent a CD of images anywhere again. I could maybe wallpaper the bathroom with¬†these though; oh wait there is that ‘good home’ thing again!

The war bride’s daughter¬†also¬†ordered 500 of these gorgeous tri-fold brochures to send to art consultants. She sent maybe 222. The rest languish and might look really awesome lining the recycling can.



And don’t even get me started on the¬†Tall Girl¬†books. Wasn’t it enough that they were a limited edition, and out of print? No, someone at some museum¬†convinced me I should do another printing. So they too reside.

And lest not forget the Fedex Ground tracking labels. Apparently Fedex thought I was going to be shipping a lot, and I have but really, two rolls of 250 each? Actually the bathroom might be really original if I did a collage of CD and tracking labels.

So now I am tired of tidying, which is exactly what the book said would happen if I didn’t follow the directions! Oh what does she know?

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