random thoughts…

Today I was tidying up in the studio so I could pull, press and organize fifteen of the Tall Girl Series pieces to ship next week to an exhibit. Simultaneously I was searching my stash for a vintage kimono strip which I bought in Japan in 2002.

Last Sunday as I perused the merchants at the local antique faire I stumbled across another incredible vintage kimono section which I believed could be paired with the 2002 acquisition in new work.  So as I searched through both the Japanese fabric section and the surface design & other extraordinarily gorgeous fabric stashes a random thought appeared.

I would like someday to use up every piece of this fabric! ¬†¬†It was such a delightful and innocent thought which¬†startled me in a way; as if my inner kid was quite optimistically saying someday I am going to use up all this fabric which I have long believed to be untrue. ¬† It also reaffirmed how much I love working in cloth. And it could not have come at a better time…when I have finished a long-term project and am pondering what’s next? It could be almost anything that involves cloth…beautiful cloth!


On another note I finished painting the shoes for my photographer friend. I learned so much in painting these small shoes. One of the reasons my shoes are so cool is I have a large canvas to work from. These shoes are womens 6/mens 4. There was hardly any canvas on which to paint. They ended up far more gold than I would have liked but a couple dabs of paint and the shoe was covered! ¬†It was a good experiment though as the Arts Guild is interested in having me do custom painted shoes. Could I be so bold as to request no shoes under size 9?!!! Probably not…


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