life happens while making other plans…

jellies-bk Creative interruptions have been happening at lightening pace.¬† While I am drawn to writing as an emotional release publishing it to the web has not been a priority so I’ve been blog-tardy.

The Universe has such an incredible sense of humor and keeps piling on the challenges. I continue to try and right the ship which is¬† not so much about control but rather trying to eek out¬† creative time to maintain¬† sanity.¬† For it is the FUN part¬† that¬† sustains me through the rough waters.¬† And although I have several pieces to make for exhibits it is feeling a whole lot like ‘surrender Dorothy.’¬† Perhaps once again the message is to schedule time for art. Write it on the calendar and make that my priority.

Years ago I was primary caregiver for a man dying of brain cancer. I was also 16 years younger!¬† I wore many hats simultaneously and all of them well¬† despite letting¬† go of two priorities¬† in my own life…eating well and exercise.¬† I gained 15 pounds and could hardly lift my body weight. He died and I had to rebuild my own health.

This round there is no brain cancer but rather a¬† spouse with a myriad of health issues that require my constant attention.¬† I see how I need to be more flexible in my interactions with him…after 42 years of marriage. And it frustrates me no end! Surrender Dorothy!¬† Yet my priorities to eat well and work out everyday remain intact because I need to be as physically strong as I can to carry me through this next chapter. I am indeed older and wiser.

I have always believed that if one pays attention their intuitive mind will tell them what they need to know.¬† For decades I have ignored the nudge¬† to interview elders about their life stories. Everyone has a story, everyone has had¬† hardship. Everyone has ‘something.’¬†¬† When I was in my 40’s I thought it would be good to volunteer at an assisted living facility so I could interview old people. I never did.

Then my own father lived in such a facility for the last two years of his life and it was far less appealing. Most of the residents were out to lunch. There was no pull for me to do this work there;¬† more likely it was just ‘too close.’

Now it feels more important than ever that I heed this calling. If for no other reason than to see that others have had equally as challenging lives as this one has been. If I can just see clear to do it now…


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