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a sense of accomplishment…

Monday, October 8th, 2012

I’ve been on a roller coaster the past few weeks in the ongoing rehabilitation of my second knee replacement. Just when I was making stellar progress my knee became unstable…too much flexibility I was told! So the physical therapist grounded me for 6-8 weeks. After I sobbed for nearly an entire day I decided to eat this elephant one bite at a time!¬† The Universe and my surgeon intervened a week later and put me back to work building strength on this still uncertain knee. And I’ve recycled a mantra from long ago…will it matter in a year? Hopefully not.

Last week the five art quilts I purchased from the SAQA annual auction arrived. After several polite requests to have the sticks cut for hanging purposes the slats  magically appeared in my studio last night.

So today after the gym I hung all five pieces, walking gingerly with cane, hammer, nails, pencil, sticks and quilts! I managed all of them including two in a tight space. It gave me such a sense of accomplishment and also a HUGE sense of relief because unlike my husband I could care less about making holes in the wall!¬† That’s why they make spackle!¬† Had he been here surely there would have been a disagreement about where to hang which work. Besides most of the holes now have quilts covering them!

I started my art quilt collection with the SAQA auction about 5 years ago. Between my own art, paintings we have purchased, family photos and now the art quilt collection our walls are filling up fast. Perhaps next year before I begin to bid maybe I can consider this…uh, probably not!

My collection now includes the beautiful work of Deidre Adams, Jill Ault, Liz Berg, Pat Bishop, Betty Busby,  Benedicte Caneill, Leslie Carabas, Julie Filatoff,  Claire Gimber,  Eva Henneberry, Cathy Kleeman, Denise Linet, Janet Moran, Yvonne Porcella, Alison Schwabe and Sidnee Snell.

Meanwhile I am taking back my life in little pieces. I am moving fabric around in the studio but not yet standing at the design wall. I am prepping some quick and awesome salads like fresh figs, goat cheese, walnuts and balsamic or fresh tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, goat cheese and balsamic or red cabbage, daikon, carrots, pecans, goat cheese and you guessed it balsamic and EVOO.  This dash of creativity makes my tummy happy as my husband continues to do most of the cooking with the menu primarily meat and potatoes. I am blessed to have an in-house cook but miss my usual crunchy foods.

Soon enough…


just start…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

This afternoon I took time to go into the studio and just start. My wise friend Miriam Nathan-Roberts says when the muse is dormant just start! She is wise because it works.

Soon I was engrossed in the process and created this square from a linen dinner napkin for the¬† 2012 SAQA fundraiser auction. Designing a 12″ square block is a great exercise in spontaneous creativity….at least for me.¬† I imagine there are some who carefully plan¬† theirs but I am more prone to spontaneity so other than fuss over contrasting curved lines it was all play with this piece.

Stay tuned…the auction is this fall. You too could own a wonderful piece of textile art while benefiting our professional organization.

this and that…

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Since I made the decision and the appointment to have a total knee replacement on September 12th my anxiety level has cranked through the ceiling. I am reminded by those who have had them that it will be a transformative end result. And yet it seems a long path from here to there. I know I can do it. I have done it twice before.

Yesterday I did some healing work around my inner teenager who did not want surgery in the first place and had sworn never again. Now I think ‘she’ is on board because this morning I decided that time is a’wastin…get in the studio and make art while I can!!!

I have been doing some screen printing for a new series so I will continue to work on that too. I can’t imagine being able to go down 12 stairs to print cloth for a very long time. I could have the print pad, screens and paints brought up to the kitchen, but I would hate my kitchen sink to even slightly resemble my dye sink. Yikes!!!

The TG exhibit returns home today from a successful run in OH. I have several ideas brewing for the future of this exhibit. In the meantime it all needs to be unpacked and stored again.

Also on September 12th an event far more exciting and fun than knee surgery will begin. It’s the annual SAQA auction where anyone (that means you!) can bid online for spectacular, gorgeous one-of-a-kind 12″ square art quilts.¬† This is mine. ¬†The reverse auction will continue for 3 weeks with over 300 artworks. You can preview the work here.

Finally I have been asked to post the following for the Stitched video (of which I have no affiliation). It will be shown:

International Quilt Festival
8 a.m. Nov. 3
10:30 a.m. Nov. 5
George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas

Also, in San Antonio.
1 p.m. August 6
Noon August 7
The Shops at Artisans Alley
555 Bitters Road
San Antonio, TX

slapping fabric on the wall again…

Thursday, January 13th, 2011


Upheaval #3

©carol larson 2010


I am back in the studio again…working! I am currently stitching¬†work which was in process when the commission came in, so it will be nice to see it to completion. Fabrics are up on the wall¬† ‘fermenting’ for the next piece and smaller projects for the gallery shelves are waiting patiently nearby to be sewn.¬†
I cannot tolerate a blank design wall. At times it is difficult enough¬†for an artist to have instant inspiration so an empty white wall staring back does not help at all.¬† So everytime I take work down to stitch it, I slap some new fabric up there. It doesn’t really matter if I plan to use that exact piece or not; it just matters that something beautiful is staring back at me.¬† And¬†occasionally there is a bonus from the fabrics curing on the wall.

For example last year I was so dazzled by the random pinning of several brown and ochre fabrics.  I looked at it over and over and felt I could not improve on it design-wise. So I photographed the random selection and designed the work which became Upheaval #3


Tahoe Dusk

©carol larson 2011


Last week I decided to sew together a bunch of leftover dark blue strips with the intention of making a small piece for SAQA‘s new trunk show exhibit This Is A Quilt. As is often the case I had¬†no idea where I was going with it. I design spontaneously so I often end up with something far different than I had envisioned.¬† I kept piecing these scraps until I had a big enough piece to fill the requirement. The finished size is 9.5″ square.¬† Then I decided to add some fused scraps and pretty soon I was adding more and more as it reminded me of the glorious sunsets we saw on Lake Tahoe in July 2009.¬†¬† Had my husband seen it in process he would have told me it looks nothing like the sunsets, where is the horizon, where is the ground and so on? To which my answer to all those logical questions is…it’s abstract!
and sew on…